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Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Cronyism - Homeowners Insurance


In Orange County, blood cleanup remians my business name after some 12 years in the business as Orange County blood cleanup on the Internet; for most of this time this web site randked well. Most lately it has lost some of its ranking power. Because I am a professional cleaner I seek biohazard cleanup work in Orange County, but the current Sheriff-Coroner seems comfortable accomodating cronyism in the coroner's department. Orange County biohazard cleanup companies receive kickbacks from Sheriff-Coroner employees (a small fraction of them) for referring victims' families to crony blood cleanup companies.

I have over 12 years experience cleaning blood fromd trauma, military and crime scenes. My name is Eddie Evans. I am doing business in Orage County as Blood Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleanup. My experience includes military trauma cleaning as well as crime scene cleanup. (Education and Training)


Blood Cleanup Narrative

Crime Scene cleanup, suicides, and unattended deaths followed by mild or significant decomposition require detailed biohazard cleanup work. These biohazard cleanup environments present a biohazard cleanup condition. The Centers for Disease control determined that any blood cleanup for strangers or acquaintance require bloodborn pathogen training, which is then followed by company cleaning protocols. This means that isolation of a room or other blood containment area following a traumatic injury become removed from normal foot traffic. The blood cleanup protocols belong to each blood cleanup company's cleaning regimines, must must meet the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's bloodborne pathgen training requirements.

Most offten these requirement require adequate protective personnel equipment covering the eyes, nose, and mouth. The entire torso and limbs may also be protected by protective clothing depending upon the circumstance. Open wound are covered. Barehand work is prohibited. Company blood cleanup protocols oftern require additional work requirements. For example, employees may not remove their goves at any time during cleaning.

For my blood cleanup work, I do remove protective equipment once blood cleanup reaches what I call a "tier 1" level of cleaning. At this level just about any adult can enter a blood containment area and go about routine cleaning duties; it's best to wear gloves in any case, which I continue to do; I do not wear a resperator at this stage of cleaning. In any case, by this point the walls and surfaces received 2 and even 3 disinfecting treatments. To ensure an effective blood cleanup outcome requires repeated disinfection and cleaning.

I use a disinfecting fog before, during, and after blood cleanup work. This helps to ensure that I've reduced bloodborne pathogens to a safe level if not totally removed them. My goal remains to totally remove bloodborne pathogens. Doing so requires recleaning of a once bloody object and surface.

I have not actually had many opportunities for work in Orange County for homicide, suicide, unattended death, and trauma scene cleanup.

Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Cronyism

Cronyism means to reward friends, associates, and businesses with rewards. Usually money, position, and other sorts of power granting gifts create crony relationships. Crony relatinoships in the Corporate secetor or private sector of our United States economy should not consern us to greatly. It's not something we would care to denounce. We accept this type of cronyism as a fact of life. In fact, given the conditions and benefits, many people would share in the rewards of such relationships.

Ethical and political issues arise in government cronyism, which usually results when one or more government emplorees, civil servants, take part in a crony relationship with a business enterprise for personal gain. This we call a "conflict of interest" and county employees as well state and federal employees swear to never enrich themselves from their government work. When it comes to death cleanup following homicdies, suicides, and unattended deaths, it's the coroner's department that receive opportunities to direct victims families to biohazard cleanup companies.

As it turns out nationwide in our county government coroner, medical examiner, public guardian, sheriff's office, and county fire department, cronyism has an entrenched position. Biohazard cleanup companies (I use both blood cleanup and biohazard cleanup interchangable, although biohazard has a more general connotation.) The biohazard cleanup business began paying very serious money to county employees for referrals to death scene cleanup work when HIV, Hepatitic C, and other ploodborne pathogen issues began to arise.

Homeowners Insurance

We also call home insurance hazard insurance or homeowner's insurance as HOI. As a type of insurance for covering residences owned by private parties, homeowners insurance policies may combine personal insurance protections. These offer coverage for loss of one home, its contents, loss of use (living expenses while away), and even personal property. The greater the coverage the greater the expense.

When a multiple-line insurance policy exits, it combines property insurance with liability insurance. Premiums for this type of insurance remain combined and indivisible. To lose one for lack of payment means losing one's homowners insurance in total. This type of insurance covers all risks and losing it creates genuine periods of stress and anxiety.

Costs very by the type of endorsements or riders added to a property's coverage. These endorsements help to ensure that homeowners receive adequate coverage to return them to their pre-incident condition following a mishap, loss of dwelling.

An insurance claim adjustments occur as time passes and the value of a property increases. Also, flood insurance requires additional coverage, if coverage is available. Every home has a varying risk and must present a reasonable risk for insurers. Insurance adjustment for inflation and the cost of replacing a come may sometimes cause greatw hardship on families.

We find that a fixed period of insurance coverage suits most homeowners rather than an open-ended policy with variable collections. Premiums paid each term reflect lower premiums when homes rank as less hazardous for destruction by fire. A home in the mountains far from fire departments will require a more costly premium than a home located in an urban area with one or more fire departments nearby.

Security matters arise when premiums receive a readjustment. Adding locks, security cameras, fire extingung systems, and other automated protection equipment often reduces premiums. This becomes an important consideration for dwellings located far from fire department assistance and police surveillance.

Political Economy of Blood Cleanup


This poop cleanup web site offers additional income in the fight against county government corruption. I also keep an Orange County feces cleanup pages for similar reasons as well as a public service.