Cypress Blood Cleanup Narrative


I am Eddie Evans and this is my Cypress blood cleanup information web site. I live in Cypress, California.

Blood cleanup services available through the above telephone number lead to lower Cypress blood cleanup fees. I have been in the blood cleanup business for 18 years and work alone. I clean after homicide, suicide, unattended death, and traumatic blood loss, in general. I also do other types of infectious waste cleanup work besides biohazard cleanup. Blood cleanup is a type of biohazard cleanup.

Call at any hour on any day. I guarantee my work. Call any time for a blood cleanup appointment or to ask questions about blood cleanup. I have helped many people do blood cleanup in their own homes over the years.

Blood Cleanup Prices

My Cypress blood cleanup prices reflect my costs doing business and a reasonable profit. You should note that rarely do I charge more than $1000. For Cypress residents and businesses, you can expect to pay anywhere from $350-$1000 depending on the type of cleaning required.

I have a $350 service charge. This $350 will cover the first hour of labor for small blood cleanup tasks. If the blood cleanup task involves furnishings and clothing, the price will go up. For example, removing an unattended death scene standard size mattress will cost about $550. A queen size mattress will cost 650 to $750, and a king size mattress may cost as much as $950, depending on circumstances. The amount charged will reflect a number of working conditions in and amount of blood and related debris that I must remove.

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No Blood Cleanup Employees

I do not have employees. On occasions my wife will ride along. She may make suggestions. She does not expect to be paid and I do not charge for her presence. Because I do not have employees I do not need to pay employees for blood cleanup insurance which recall biohazard" insurance. Likewise, I do not need to pay employees to drive a vehicle or pay for such vehicles. Neither do I pay employees medical insurance nor do I need to pay them for vacation. Neither overtime pay nor Social Security insurance become part of your blood cleanup fee. This approach save you money.

I will ask questions while on the telephone with the responsible calling party. These questions will help me understand what tools, equipment, and chemicals I need for the blood cleanup work. These questions will also help me understand the nature of the blood cleanup.

Here Is a list of questions that I may ask:

  • Can you tell me if this blood cleanup will take place in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, or elsewhere?
  • Can you tell me if the blood cleanup will take place on the first floor, second floor or above?
  • Does is blood cleanup involve a death? If a death, can you tell me if the death occurred in a bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, or other room?
  • Who will pay and how?
  • Who will enter into the building?
  • What is the parking situation?
  • Will there be children or pets in the building during cleaning?
  • Will the building have running water, electricity, and working toilet?

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What to Expect

Expect that I will guarantee my work. This means that I am obliged to return as soon as possible upon request. In 17 years I've been asked to return three times for additional blood cleanup work. The last request was roughly 4 years ago when I missed something on a shower wall that was out of the apparent line of sight. I returned the day after the request and clean debris that may or may not of been part of blood cleanup loss incidents. On the two other occasions a family mistook mold behind a curtain as part of the blood cleanup scene. The third blood cleanup request was canceled.

Expect that I will arrive on time. I make a point of arriving on time for blood cleanup work because it is so important to clients. I basically use the "secrets of driving." That is, I leave early. By leaving early I sure myself but I'm not going to become caught up in traffic. Yes, occasionally construction takes place along are Cypress highway system. Even in the middle of night freeways are close down. Sometimes our accidents. In this is another reason to leave early for blood cleanup work. I try to anticipate those on for scenes that add to stress and confusion.

What I do. I arrive at the blood cleanup address several hours before work is to begin. I then leave and find a Home Depot, a Denny's for breakfast, or simply find a large parking lot; there I relax, nap or read. In this way I return to the Cypress blood cleanup site with plenty of time and rested. I knock on the door, the responsible party opens the door, and I hand one of my blood cleanup business cards to the responsible party.

Expect that I will enter the blood cleanup scene, make a brief survey of the area, and leave to gather needed blood cleanup tools.. I may need to leave several more times before the job is done. When unattended death cleanup is needed, I will leave the room a number of times because of the amount of material to "reduce." Because unattended deaths often occur on a mattress, I must reduce the blood of the mattress before removing the mattress. This type of blood cleanup takes a lot of time and patience. I must dig into the mattress to remove soiled materials. Then once I have the mattress ready to removed from the bedroom onto my vehicle, I must begin working on the box springs below. Then, if the carpet is below, most often it has been soiled by blood and it to must be cut out and removed.

Expect that I will work quietly. I do not need loud tools or machines to do blood cleanup work. Although, sometimes I do use a fogger in this does cause some noise in the beginning of work and following work.

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Free Telephone Consultation for Cypress 24/7

If you need blood cleanup information for death cleanup or other type of dramatic blood loss, feel free to call for information. I have no problem sharing blood cleanup information and I know for a fact that competitors across the country have called for blood cleanup information. Information I share I have learned from the Internet as well as practicing blood cleanup for over 17 years.

I advise callers to use extreme caution when doing blood cleanup. So if you must be blood cleanup think before you act. Take a break after the first 10 minutes and think about what you accomplished. Think about the blood cleanup work remaining. Contaminated human blood may be biohazardous because of HIV (human immunodeficiency syndrome), hepatitis C, or other blood-borne pathogens. So take your time.

Consider visiting a hardware store like Home Depot, Ace Hardware or Lowe's hardware store; you can find rubber gloves for less than $10. I recommend that you wear these during blood cleanup. You can also find a mask to cover your nose and mouth while doing blood cleanup. You can also find safety goggles in the tool apartment. For blood cleanup you need to dispose of blood soiled garments, towels, and more. You will need to construction quality bags because these are the thickest, most durable. If you care, poor bleach in these bags to begin the process of decontaminating and neutralizing the blood-borne pathogens. Be sure to double if not triple bags to ensure that they do not leak blood.

If you plan to take these materials to your local landfill you should call first. Generally, Orange County, California landfills will accept this material. Just let them know what have. They may make special arrangements to handle these blood soiled materials. This is a common courtesy to the landfill employees. Again, you can also pour bleach in these bags to help neutralize the blood-borne pathogens. In any case, HIV does not last long in the "wild." It is passed along human to human through blood; hence, "bloodborne pathogens."

From what I've written you can surmise that human blood carries biohazards and these are not airborne. If it were airborne, we would not call it "blood-borne pathogens." We would call it "airborne biohazards" or such. Keep this in mind when somebody tells you the order blood is dangerous.

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  • Guarantee for Cypress homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition

I guarantee my Cypress blood cleanup work because it often involves death. Anytime death cleanup is involved in any type of blood cleanup work it must be done with a keen sense of moral rectitude. In my opinion, there's no point in being in the blood cleanup business if I cannot guarantee my work. Likewise, playing games with the price of work is morally corrupt. So I try to stick to my price. I have to guarantee my work. This is my business policy; it has always been the best policy.

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  • Blood Cleanup Practice

it is usually best to begin blood cleanup without stepping into the center of the blood soiled room. This is not always practical, though.

Questions arise about removing blood soiled carpet before reducing blood in a mattress or other furnishing. Sometimes this is the best practice. Sometimes it is possible to work around the blood soiled carpet to first reduce a blood soiled mattress or other furnishing. In this case, a type of "multitasking" may take place. This type of blood cleanup practice helps to alternate muscle groups as work progresses. In this way, no one set of muscles become tired.

it is best to have tools and cleaning chemicals in the same room. It is the case that blood cleanup is not done when it first appears "done." There is always something else on the doorjamb, mirror, or elsewhere. So having the needed cleaning materials from beginning to end makes a lot of sense.

  • Disinfecting

Disinfecting may continue at the beginning of blood cleanup, during blood cleanup, and following blood cleanup. Spray cans containing disinfectant materials as well as plastic bottles can be used to dispense disinfectants. A fogger can be used for wide areas. of course, paper towels and microfiber towels can be used to clean and disinfect with bleach and other cleaning materials.

Here's a list for blood cleanup supplies:

  • Clorox cleaning solution
  • Clorox bleach for disinfecting
  • Comet for aggressive scrubbing
  • Pine-Sol for wide area for scrubbing and rinsing blood soiled services.
  • Rubbing alcohol for light switches, door handles, and some furnishings,
  • Simple Green for wide area scrubbing and rinsing blood soiled materials and services, Green is a great disinfectant, incidentally.
  • Flat nose shovel
  • Large metal dust pan
  • Paper towels
  • Microfiber towels
  • Cotton towels
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The value of using over-the-counter cleaning supplies for blood cleanup cannot be overstated. For example, Cypress families and Cypress businesses can find the same products on the Home Depot or supermarket cleaning supply shelves. The contents of these products can be read and understood easily enough. In this way there should be no doubt about the quality and potential hazards poised by these cleaning products. Unlike the more "exotic" disinfecting solutions, any remaining residue will soon return to nature. We cannot say this about the more specialized cleaning products used during blood cleanup.

For example, for MRSA I have a disinfectant product containing silver. I do not like to use it as a general disinfectant. It leaves a very fine film on surfaces. And I cannot speak to its overall safety for infants in a household.


  • Furnishing Disposal        

Furnishings are usually soiled beyond recovery. When a responsible party desires to keep furnishings heavily soiled by blood, I remove the blood from the nonporous surfaces. Then I disinfect the blood soiled area. As for heavily blood soiled fabrics, these I must cut out. It is rare when a responsible party paying for Cypress blood cleanup desires the keep blood soiled fabrics on furnishings. Overall, blood cleanup practice entails removing over 98% of blood soiled materials. Some folks just want to keep stuff.

There are times when blood and blood products can be disposed of in the toilet, the sanitary sewer. Of course, pretreat blood before flushing it so it goes down the toilet to rejoin. It is not likely blood-borne pathogens can survive a direct attack by household bleach. It is often enough that the blood has been exposed to the open air, which destroys biohazards. Of course, we must always assume that blood remains biohazardous no longer how long it has been exposed to open air. All in all, I can say that I disposed quite a bit of blood down the toilet. This is the same thing the hospitals, mortuaries, and coroners do with human blood. So when it comes to blood cleanup work, sending blood down the toilet is a very safe and sane blood cleanup practice.

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  • Odor Reduction

Blood and death odors are not dangerous. With that said, some people will experience nausea. This is culture at work, not biology. Yes, blood odors can destroy your lunch just like death order standard. Neither create deadly odors The issue with any death cleanup involving blood cleanup is found in blood-borne pathogens.

To remove orders blood and blood soiled materials must be removed. The sooner removed, the better. Ventilation is very important. Thorough cleaning is very important; sometimes using a paint sealer over once blood soiled areas helps to control orders. Blood cleanup odors may continue depending on perception. For example, an elderly adult will be less likely to detect blood and death odors than a four-year-old. It is always best, though, to fully eliminate sudden death orders as soon as possible.

Expect blood and death odors to permeate wood and other cellular-like materials over time. Cotton fabrics, carpet padding, and wood tables, chairs, and even wood cabinets will absorb death and blood odors.

Over time and death odors will slowly disappear. I once cleaned a multiple homicide in Henderson, Nevada. The attacker had killed two adults and a dog. The homicide victims bled out and decomposed in the house for over a month. In the Henderson, Nevada heat, decomposition was completed.

Because the homicides perpetrator was a son of the two victims, the home went into probate. Blood cleanup was off for a year. So by chance, I was called to do the blood cleanup one year to the day following the homicide. A newspaper with that day's date rested on the kitchen table. The point, the dos completely disappeared. So blood and death orders do go their way sooner or later, no matter how long before blood cleanup begins.

Eddie Evans

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